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She concentrates on people's way of
capturing nightmares, so only sweet dreams
would reach the sleeping soul. And just like
the charm of old, our Dreamcatcher, Liz
Harris, searches high and low for music to
soothe the heart, to lift the spirit, to make us

At home in Toronto, Liz is known for her
ability to be a real dreamcatcher in the lives
of those who know her. She's always first to
offer a loving hand, no matter who is in need,
so it's no surprise that she spins a neat web
at KCIA, catching us all in her medleys of
Classic Soft Rock  and a splash of fun to
finish the set!

If your life seems like a bad dream, listen to
Dreamcatcher on KCIA.... songs to make you
feel good throughout your day...

Live air time: Sunday 10-11 PM