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The American Staffordshire Bull Terrier is often termed "Pit Bull" which is slang for any "Bully
Type" in modern society. Once known and revered as a "Nanny Dog" placed in the job of
caring for children, they have been sadly misrepresented since many wrong human hands
began holding their leashes in the 1990's. They are excellent search and rescue dogs. They
are also highly regarded as bomb/narcotic sniffers for the government. They
love human
beings, especially children
, and they are very affectionate. They are also working dogs.
Adults can pull weights over 4,500 pounds piled on trailers and climb 40-foot walls. Properly
trained and sincerely loved, these ladies and gentlemen are truly a lady's and gentleman's
best friend.

At Shaust Staffies we breed and train for the service dog industry only.

* Seizure Alert
* PTSD: Veterans of war and civilians such as rape survivors and spousal abuse survivors
* Therapy/Companion dogs
Owners and operators: Yoni (Manager) and Shoshana (Trainer & Breeder) Maust